Welcome to Hootie’s Paw Pad.  My wife and I opened Hootie’s Paw Pad for one main reason, this being our love for animals. Named after our beloved boxer Hootie whose memory we still cherish, we wanted this undertaking to reflect the love we shared with him and he shared with us.

Hootie’s Paw Pad is not just a pet sitting service, but truly a home away from home for your pet.  As long-time pet owners ourselves, we feel your pet should receive unconditional 24 hour love and care.  This can’t be felt by your pet if they are confined in metal crates in rooms with cold cement floors.  Many sitting services also have rigidly structured touch times to ensure your pet receives some affection.  While this is better than nothing, we feel that there should be no punch clock used on the amount of love and play your pet receives.

At Hootie’s Paw Pad, our home is their home, and when your pets come to stay with us, we treat them as if they were one of our own.  We feel your pet should stay in a warm home with rugs to lay on, dog beds to sleep on, and a backyard to run in with only a handful of furry friends to socialize with.

All of our lives we have been surrounded by a large array of animals ranging from dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, birds, and fish to name a few. No matter what the creature, we cared for them as if they were our children.  This love never failed to create a special bond and positive energy with them, especially with dogs. This bond and our love for animals taught us that your pet should be as comfortable and as stress free as possible while you’re away. With this recipe and unlimited love and affection we feel that your pet will have a very relaxed and positive stay because our home will truly be their “Home Away From Home.”

We do understand that some pets will feel stressed or uncomfortable in a strange new atmosphere with unfamiliar peers. For these friends we recommend our home visits that allow walks, playtime, and special attention all given one on one to help ease the stress of you not being there.  This way they can stay in touch with your scent and their own familiar surroundings while receiving the care, exercise and affection they need and deserve.


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