While your pet stays with us at The Paw Pad we follow a basic daily routine.

After a good night’s sleep on a comfy bed, we will take your pet for their morning walk.  Depending on the size of your dog this is a half-hour to forty-five minutes stroll around the neighborhood.  This is a nice way to stretch your dog’s legs after a long nights sleep.

Once back home, it’s time for breakfast*. To keep your dog’s stress levels down we recommend you supply your pet’s regular food which we will feed them according to your instructions. Our reasons for this are twofold; we want your dog to feel at home and also, switching your pet’s food abruptly usually results in an upset stomach.  We all know what happens next… 

After your dog has finished eating we like to have them relax for a few hours as to not agitate their full bellies. This consists of lounging around while receiving belly rubs, brushings, and watching Animal Planet. Once noon arrives it’s their favorite time of day, PLAYTIME!!!

Weather permitting, it’s outside to our fenced in backyard.  Here is where your dog interacts and plays with his or her new friends as well as us. Playtime last for quite a few hours so water bowls are plentiful and are always filled. For anyone who needs a break or just wants to kick back and relax there are trees to lie under, a patio to lie on, and dog beds spread throughout.

Once mid to late afternoon arrives and if everyone is up to it, it’s walk number two. This walk is to one of the two parks near us. It’s usually just a nice relaxed half-hour stroll. Upon our return it’s dinner-time*.

After dinner and a nice rest your dog will be allowed free passage inside or out, once again weather permitting. Just before bedtime, usually around ten/eleven we go for our third and final walk so your dog can relieve themselves and enjoy an interruption free evening slumber.

As an added bonus we like to e-mail and/or text you updates along with videos and pictures of your pet so you can be rest assured that they are having as good a time as you are!  We have found that this is a huge stress reliever for families, especially those with children, who miss their beloved pets and worry about them while they are away.  Ending the day with a picture or video of your pet enjoying itself or sleeping comfortably can bring a smile to anyone’s face while they are away on vacation and can lend itself to a more restful sleep for all!  This is just one of the many loving perks you can enjoy while entrusting your pet in our care.

*All dogs are separated during feeding times as some dogs eat slower or faster than others. Water is always available throughout the day.


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